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BIG Cranes for Waterview Connection

Baker Cranes was selected to design and build cranes which ranged from 10t to 50t capacity for NZ's largest construction project - Waterview Connection.

The cranes were purpose-built to handle each of the 24000 10t segments needed for the twin 2.4 km tunnels.

Cranes commissioned between May 2013 & October 2013.

Scope of Works:

  • 3 off 50t x 5m+30m+5m Portal Cranes
  • 2 off 50t x 23m Portal Cranes
  • 2 off 20t x 24.5m Double Girder EOT Cranes
  • 2 off 10t x 24.5m Single Girder EOT Cranes

See the Videos section to see the Load Test Video of the first 50t Portal Crane.