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Special Cranes

Baker Cranes can design and manufacture custom-engineered cranes for any application. We carry out all design work in-house to achieve an efficient, cost effective lifting solution.

Baker Cranes also has experience in the design and construction of hoists and winches where these are outside the ABUS standard range. By careful selection of proprietary standard components, and combining these with a specially designed rope system and rope drum, hoists of almost any capacity, lift height or speed can be produced cost effectively.

Some of the projects include:

  • 115t/30t Turbine Hall Crane for Huntly Power Station
  • 60t/16t Turbine Hall Crane for Te Mihi Power Station
  • 45t Turbine Hall Crane for Poihipi Power Station
  • 100t Portal Cranes for WestWind Project – Wellington
  • 50t Portal Cranes for Waterview Connection – Auckland
  • Various portal cranes for Precast Yards around NZ