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75t / 40t Overhead Crane for the Tauhara Geothermal Steam Turbine Power Station in Taupō

Baker Cranes is proud to supply the 75t / 40t Overhead Crane as well as a lower secondary 5t maintenance crane for the Tauhara Geothermal Steam Turbine Power Station in Taupō.

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20 Ton Double Girder Cranes for an industrial equipment supplier in Christchurch

Baker Cranes supplied two 20t double girder cranes with low headroom hoists to a industrial equipment supplier in Christchurch. Overhead cranes are an essential tool for many businesses, particularly those in manufacturing, construction, and transportation industries. An overhead crane is a powerful and versatile piece of equipment that can be used to lift and move

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2.5t Underslung Crane for a Steel Fabricator in Auckland

Baker Cranes has supplied a 2.5t Underslung Crane for a Steel Fabricator in Auckland - The bespoke design enabled us to maximise the crane's lifting height. Baker Cranes understands that each customer has unique needs, and therefore, we offer customized solutions that are tailored to each customer's requirements. We aim to work closely with our

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Three 2.5t x 10m ABUS jib cranes to a premier engineering company in Hawke’s Bay

Baker Cranes has supplied three 2.5t x 10m reach ABUS jib cranes to our client in Hawke's Bay - These jib cranes are fully powered and are capable of a full 360 degree slew with 5m under hook. These jib cranes boast a number of features such as mechanical slewing limits, electro-mechanical slewing limit switches,

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Light Weight HB System Crane for a Fire Door manufacturer in Auckland

Baker Cranes recently installed the light weight HB system crane for a Fire Door & Fire Window manufacturer in Auckland - The ABUS chain hoist supplied is fitted with an auxiliary spiral cable & socket for a vacuum lifting device. The HB system will be used to handle and place glass onto the glass cutting

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4 Ton Electro-Permanent Magnet Beam

Baker Cranes has designed & manufactured this 4 Ton Electro-Permanent Magnet Beam for New Zealand's premier plate processing merchant. EPM Plate Lifter 4t Rated Capacity for Dual Crane Operation (1t Rated Capacity for Single Crane Operation): • Up to 12m x 1500mm steel plate (3mm-25mm thickness). • Up to 12m x 2000mm steel plate (3mm-20mm

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20 Ton Portal Cranes for Preco Precast Concrete – Tauranga

Baker Cranes has recently designed, manufactured & installed these two 20 Ton x 25m Span Portal Cranes for Preco Precast Concrete in Tauranga. The cranes have been supplied with long travel variable speed drives and weather covers protect the hoist & electrical components.

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5t x 28m Span ABUControl Cranes for the new Metalcraft Branch in Hobsonville

Baker Cranes designed, manufactured & commissioned these two cranes for the new Metalcraft Roofing Branch in Hobsonville in 2019. These cranes are fitted with the latest ABUControl software which is supplied with a number of features such as Anti-Sway Control, Variable Speed Drives along with Load & Status Displays just to name a few. Access

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