Overhead Travelling Cranes

Baker Cranes manufactures a full range of cranes from light to heavy capacity and fitted with a variety of hoists.

Main types available include single and double girder overhead travelling cranes, portal cranes, lightweight modular “HB” crane systems, jib cranes and mobile gantry cranes.

See our Applications page for photos of our latest & greatest cranes.

ABUS overhead travelling cranes lift loads up to 120 tonnes and transport them to any point chosen within the building area. They are available in four different versions for a variety of applications: Single Girder Cranes, Double Girder Cranes, Underslung Cranes and Single Girder Wall Travelling cranes.


  • Double Girder Overhead Travelling Crane

    • Load capacity: up to 120 t
    • Span: up to 36 m
    • Easy to install accessories like service platforms or crab units with walkways
    • Generally best for heavier capacities and duty


  • Single Girder Overhead Travelling Crane

    • Load capacity: up to 25 t
    • Span: up to 40 m depending on capacity
    • Wide range of girder connection versions to best suit building profile
    • Generally most cost effective type for normal applications


  • Underslung Overhead Travelling Crane

    • Load capacity: up to 12.5 t
    • Spans up to 25 m depending on capacity
    • The crane track is suspended directly from the portal frames
    • Generally best suited to lighter loads and duty
    • With minimum side approach dimensions, rail centres and cantilevers can be adjusted to best suit building profile, which makes the full use of the space available.


  • Single Girder Wall Travelling Crane

    • Load capacity: up to 5 t
    • Span: up to 10 m
    • Designed for operation on a lower level beneath a large travelling crane system
    • Wall travelling crane can serve several working stations at the same time
    • Ideal for machine shop or process line