Baker Cranes has designed & manufactured this 4 Ton Electro-Permanent Magnet Beam for New Zealand’s premier plate processing merchant.

EPM Plate Lifter 4t Rated Capacity for Dual Crane Operation (1t Rated Capacity for Single Crane Operation):

• Up to 12m x 1500mm steel plate (3mm-25mm thickness).
• Up to 12m x 2000mm steel plate (3mm-20mm thickness).
• 14 x 750kg capacity shallow flux Electro-Permanent (EP) Magnets c/w spring damper suspension.
• Proximity switch to disable magnet release until load has been set down.
• Chain sets for tandem lift and single point lift of beam.
• 4 x Ancillary lifting lugs fitted on underside of beam for use with chain slings.
• Beam mounted control panel c/w control buttons, indication lamps, audible alerts and switch selection of magnet groups.
• Switches provided for individual manual magnet isolation to customise magnet pattern.
• Radio control unit for remote control of magnet beam.

The benefits of a Electro-Permanent Magnet Beam:

• Power only required to turn Electro-Permanent Magnets on & off.
• 100% Duty Cycle – Electro-Permanent Magnets can be used continuously without the danger of excessive heating or burning out.
• No Battery backup required – Load will not drop during an electrical power failure.
• Practically maintenance free.
• Versatile usage – Can be easily swapped between various lifting applications.

The Electro-Permanent Magnet Beam can be powered via an auxiliary cable reeling drum arrangement when coupled to an overhead crane. The Electro-Permanent Magnet Beam can also be manufactured with a built-in rechargeable battery for interchangeable lifting applications such as multiple on-site overhead cranes, mobile cranes, tower cranes, fork hoists, etc.


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