Baker Cranes has supplied three 2.5t x 10m reach ABUS jib cranes to our client in Hawke’s Bay – These jib cranes are fully powered and are capable of a full 360 degree slew with 5m under hook. These jib cranes boast a number of features such as mechanical slewing limits, electro-mechanical slewing limit switches, radio remote control, warning siren, overload protection, operating hours meter for the hoist, upper & lower hoisting limits & trolley travel limit switches.

Jib cranes are designed to be operated by a single person, which means that companies can save on labour costs and increase productivity. Additionally,  jib cranes often come equipped with multiple safety features, making them easy and safe to operate. The use of jib cranes reduces manual labour requirements and minimizes the potential for workplace injuries. Jib cranes are an excellent option for companies that need a cost-effective solution for their lifting and moving needs.


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